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My love of nature drew me to wood as a medium - which enables me

to explore many shapes and forms. By combining striking colors and bold imagery, I produce playful sculptures and wall installations that reach out to all ages. The painting process I use of layering acrylics creates depth that brings the hand carved shapes and textures to life. My inspiration comes from nature that I carve as shapes, lines, and textures to create abstract imagery. Layers of color sanded away to bare wood leave a warm, weathered feel, comforting feel while my choice of vibrant colors are just plain fun.

While the majority of my work is create from

wood, I also use mediums such as epoxy clay,

metals, and metal cladding for a finish. I have

a pool of talented fabricators that can help me

build my creations by using a variety of forms,

methods, and materials.

My work is whimsical, organic, and has a

refreshing style that often brings a smile.