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Beyond 50” x 76”  2007
White pine, acrylic, mixed media
Commissioned for The Union Terrace Building, 
Lakewood, Colorado
Beyond detail  24” x 24”
Beyond in Lobby
Eternal Renewal   36” x 66”  2007
Poplar, acrylic, resin
Commissioned for the Platte Valley Medical Center, 
Brighton, Colorado
 Red Wave triptych   24” x 108”  2008
Poplar, acrylic
Commissioned for DCP Midstream Company, 
Denver, Colorado
Floaters 36” x50”  2007
Poplar, acrylic
Commissioned for McKee Medical Center, 
Brighton, Colorado
Flames  48” x36”   2008
Poplar, acrylic
Commissioned for The Hyatt Group, 
Denver, Colorado
detail   24” x 36”
3 Circle Triptyph   24” x 30”   2007
Poplar, acrylic, mixed media
Commissioned for Jackson National Life Insurance Company, 
Denver, Colorado
Hand carved poplar reliefs, painted in acrylic, with mix media

Colorific  5’ x 15’ x 2”  2010
Poplar, acrylic, 
Commissioned for Rocky Mountain Children’s Hospital 
at St. Luke’s, Denver, Colorado
Layered Lines 1 and 2   18’ x52’ x 4”  2011
Poplar, acrylic 
Commissioned for Kaiser Permanente’s 
Franklin Medical Center lobby, Denver, Colorado
Tree Rings  Two 6’ x 5’ set of three
Poplar, acrylic 
Commissioned for Castle Rock Adventist Hospital 2013
Castle Rock, Colorado
Leaf series  poplar, acrylic   54” x  19” each 
Purchased by Canyon View Medical Office, Grand Junction, CO