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Hand carved poplar reliefs, painted in acrylic
Drip Drop 2   poplar, acrylic  54” x 42”
Drip Drop    poplar, acrylic   12” x 39”  
Purchased by St.Mary’s Hospital, Grand Junction, Co
Blue Horizons   poplar, acrylic  21” x 72”    Sold
Waterweave  poplar, acrylic  40” x 72”   
Purchased for the Florida State Revenue Building, Tallahassee, FL.   2010
Purple Weave   poplar, acrylic  23” x 37”    Sold
River runs through it   
 poplar, acrylic   42” x 19”  
Red Wave   
poplar, acrylic  24” x20” 
Sunset Weave   poplar, acrylic   24” x 84”
River runs through it 2   poplar, acrylic   48” x54”
Purchased by Colorado Bureau Of Investigation Crime Lab, Denver, CO.